The best data science course to study in Hyderabad

Before considering signing up for a Data Science Course in Hyderabad, it is important to ensure that you are clear about what data science is, and whether you are a good fit for both the course and a career in this rapidly growing and challenging but exciting field.

The best data science course to study in hyderabad
best data science course to study in hyderabad

Data Science Training Prerequisites

Before starting to learn data science, it is important to know what it is and whether you have the necessary background to derive benefit from the training classes.

What Is Data Science?

Data Jobs describes this important and valuable field of study and activity as a multidisciplinary mix of many activities with the objective of solving problems that are analytically complex.

In slightly simpler terms, Data Science is all about mining streams of raw data in order to extract information about behavior, trends, patterns, and so forth. This information is then used in various creative ways to design strategies and to make a range of business decisions.

What is data science ?
The data science venn diagram

Given the value of the information, those who can extract this kind of data and make meaning out of it are in very high demand. In fact, the demand for data scientists of various kinds increased by a staggering 417% in 2018 (Talent Supply Index).

What type of person makes an effective Data Scientist?

Work experience and background can vary greatly, and the skills, experience, and attributes required to become an effective Data Scientist are equally diverse. offers six: statistical thinking, technical acumen, multi-modal communication skills, curiosity, creativity, and grit or drive.

The skills that you will learn in this training
Skills to learn to become a data scientist

Other sources add the ability to see clearly and to visualize, analytical skills/quantitative reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to work as part of a team. Mathematical ability, technical acumen, statistical thinking, and the ability to use logic are also prerequisites.

What Sets Our Data Science Classes Apart from Other Institutes In Hyderabad?

We offer a Data Science Course that is provided by a real-time professional. The instructor is a Senior Data Scientist employed by a Fortune 100 company who has a deep understanding of the real-world need for, and operation of, data science. This ensures that his approach is practical, not purely academic or theoretical.

This means that he knows that in order to prepare students for the world of work as effective data scientists, they need to be taught real and relevant skills, not fluff. Participants leave the 90-day long course with practical and marketable skills, not just a piece of paper.

The only training in Hyderabad which contains real time scenarios solved by data scientists
The only data scientist training in Hyderabad which contains real time scenarios

Interestingly, according to several informal surveys carried out with employers it appears that most of them do not feel that a certificate is a must-have, although it may demonstrate that a job applicant is committed to learning and growth and to a career in the field. Aptitude, attitude, knowledge, and skill are the deciding factors. These are the foundations around which my training classes are structured for our students.

The Syllabus Of This Data Science Training Program

Participants attending this course offered for aspiring Data Scientists in Hyderabad will learn a myriad of data science concepts on analytics along with big data skills. The all-important concepts covered in the course include:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Integration
  • Data Mining, and
  • Data Visualization.
  • Big Data

In addition, participants on this Data Science training course explore constructing prediction models and engineering features. Some of the skills and tools used to carry out this conceptual work are:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Regression Modelling
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Text Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Analysis and computational software such as XLMiner and R Studio
  • Programming Languages like Python.
  • Tableau

These also form part of what this learning program offers its course delegates.

data science training curriculum
data science training curriculum

This list may seem overwhelming, but the course has been carefully constructed so that it starts with basic or foundation concepts and skills and then progresses through various levels. All of them build on each other to develop a thorough understanding and competence in students. Some related topics or items are grouped together, while others are taught in separate modules. Also, my data science training offers students a hands-on, practical program so that participants are not bombarded with theory. They are also afforded ample opportunities to test their knowledge and understanding and to use and practice the skills they are acquiring using real data. The instructor is always on hand to assist when necessary.

Concepts Versus Tools: The Correct Approach To Study Data Science

It is easy for both teachers and students to get carried away and excited by all the tools available that the concepts get lost or confused. It is vitally important that the focus is on the concepts. Once those are fully understood then the data science tools can be taught. In other words, unlike most institutes which offer data science courses at Hyderabad, our focus is:

  • Conceptual Understanding.
  • Knowledge of Tools.
  • Real-world Skills.
  • Handling real-time scenarios.

As someone who works on data science in a real-world setting, I understand where the focus needs to lie, so I ensure my students have a strong base of conceptual understanding. Everything else flows from that as one cannot choose and use a tool effectively unless one knows what the goal or problem is and how to achieve or solve it.

Python - the main tool used in my data science training
Python – the main tool used in data science applications

In addition, with the necessary knowledge and skills, data scientists are able to use a range of tools to achieve their objective. It is also possible to receive the same result with different approaches and tools. This flexibility and creativity come with strong conceptual understanding, knowledge of the tools and the skill to use them appropriately.

Career Options And Opportunities For Beginner Data Scientists

For those who show an aptitude and gain the necessary knowledge and skills, there are two primary functions or jobs that they can opt for: Data Scientist and Data Engineer. Within each of these, there are multiple specializations and sub-fields all of which deal with various aspects of analyzing and using data.

What are the career options after mastering data science?
career options after mastering data science

These specializations and sub-fields include

  • Business Analyst,
  • Business Intelligence Analyst,
  • Data Warehouse Architect,
  • Machine Learning Engineer,
  • Marketing Analyst,
  • Operations Analyst,
  • Quantitative Analyst,
  • Statistician, and
  • Systems Analyst.

The majority of these skilled professionals are employed in either the public or private sector. However, working as a freelance data scientist is also an option.

Is Data Science a Career for the future?

Technical fields generally are high growth areas. However, data science in particular is seeing almost unprecedented growth because businesses are now beginning to fully understanding its value. According to Jaleel Abdul, Vice President of People Resources at Adobe India:

Data Science is increasingly becoming a business critical function, paving the way for a company’s future. In view of this, developing data science capabilities and attracting such talent is one of the top-most priorities for a business today.

The Data Science Training Courses offered by us amply equips individuals to fill these roles and fulfill these increasingly important functions within organizations. At the end of the course, participants leave with the understanding, knowledge, and skills they will require to make a meaningful contribution and have a rewarding career.


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