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A design and engineering center that enables students across IIT-Bombay to come together to develop technological innovations and participate in national and international competitions.

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Mahindra Rise Driverless Car

The Mahindra Rise Challenge is certainly going to shape the Autonomous vehicle industry in India and is a large scale event being followed widely throughout the country

Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

IGVC is an annual international robotics competition for teams of undergraduate and graduate students. Teams design and build an autonomous ground vehicle capable of completing several difficult challenges

Other Project

We participate in enumerous events and technical competitions at a national and international levels and have won many laurels to our institute

Spark The Rise

Revolutionise driving on Indian roads

Our Approach

In the field of autonomous vehicles, major advancements are occurring in the areas of sensor exploration and software development. The latter involves combining the data from the sensors and using artificially intelligent algorithms to make sense and make the vehicle drive like a human being. The innovation lies in creating a futuristic software design that is capable of performing intelligent tasks and can take shape according to rapidly changing consumer need definitions.


The early Grand Challenges resembled the Fast and the Furious films more than government research experiments—and Google took note of the showmanship. Sebastian Thrun, the leader of Stanford’s winning team, who took a leave from the university in 2007 to work on Google Street View, later founded the company’s self-driving-car project


Advantages and future scope
1.Help cut our expenses
2.Greatly reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases
3.Give a new path for Physically challenged persons, who can become totally independent when they need to travel around
4.Make a driverless car which will be far more fuel-efficient
5.Solve the problem of limited parking space and create more free TIME
6.Provide much higher level of road safety than the present situation

Advancment day by day

We are designing our sensing, planning, navigation, and actuation systems to meet the demands of Indian road conditions. We have chosen an array of GPS/INS, LiDAR’s, and stereo cameras to provide timely information about the surrounding environment at the appropriate ranges

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